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A Mental Health Clinic Respecting All Patients

Your total mental health is the main concern of the compassionate professionals at our clinic in Anchorage, Alaska. Insight Therapy specializes in providing substance abuse treatment and mental health therapy for men and women wanting to take control of their lives. Our treatment philosophy is based on the cognitive-behavioral model of psychotherapy, offering you an alternative 12-step program that's both effective and personalized to your mental health needs. Contact our mental health clinic now to speak with a counselor about setting up an appointment or go online to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Us?
  • Fair Assessments
  • Professional Counselors
• Outpatient Treatment
• Cognitive Behavioral Program
• Reasonable Fees
• Insurance & Credit Cards Accepted
Schedule Your Own Appointments
Substance abuse assessments are $30—for a limited time offer there is a 10% discount for using this Website to schedule
an assessment in our office. 
Who We Are
Our mental health clinic has been helping individuals within the community with their mental health needs for 3 years. Our clinicians, who hold Master degrees in Counseling Psychology or related fields, have more than 13 years of combined treatment and counseling experience. They are all licensed counselors or are on working on becoming licensed. The team has worked together previously, in some cases for many years, making it easier to come together for a more effective treatment plan for you. Our team consists of:
  • Mary Ellen McGlothlin, MS, LPC
  • Judy Judge, MS, LPC • Nicole Gagnon, MS

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